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Photo: zKunst

…projects and projects with photos that were taken during my long travels around the world.

In 'Photo of the Month' you will find a collection of my favorite photos. Every month I select a picture that I especially like and present it to the visitor.

The gallery 'Places in Europe' displays the photos that I have shot in Europe. My aim for this project is twofold. On one hand it is intended as a documentary work exhibiting the rich architecture that has flourished in the European cultures during the last 2600 years. All these images represent a journey through time and space on this small but most impressive continent called Europe.


On the other hand this gallery also shows the unique beauty of the hundreds of natural and national parks that I have crossed to find the right motives. One look to the map reveals how Europe is deeply penetrated by the ocean. Because of this fact it is practically impossible to find a place whose distance to the sea is more than 1000 km. From the White Sea in the North to the Black Sea in the South-East, the variation of the coastlines is so imposing that the camera will nearly work by itself. In addition, I have dedicated my work to the great European rivers following their streams to the sea.


Since I am still on the road with my cameras, 'Places in Europe' is a project under constant development. In order to follow the changes in the gallery, I recommend to visit it at least twice a month.


Similar galleries about other continents, like Africa and South America will follow soon.

People! I do like photos of people but I do not like to make such kind of photos on my own. You will hardly find any among my pictures. But sometimes in a certain moment… suddenly and completely unplanned… me, I cannot resist the situation: I have to take the camera and do my work.

In the Guest Room you will find my very favorites from colleagues and friends. The photos in this "room" will be changing from time to time, but the artist's contact address can be delivered on request.

Women in Art

Women in Art is the most ambitious photo-documentation that I have ever embarqued on. The gallery contains a representative selection of art on public spaces in Europe focusing on women. Through my photos I am trying to show how the views on women have changed and developed across the different cultural periods, as well as the complexity of the femininity expressed by the many different role models that women have embodied over the centuries. In this gallery you will find women represented as mothers or witches, as holy figures or as prostitutes, as allegories or as fairy-tale characters, as goddesses in heaven or as goddesses in hell. I could certainly keep on mentioning hundreds of aspects more, but as a photographer I prefer to present a few of these different “women in art” in my gallery, or -one day- in an appropriate photobook.

More galleries coming soon:

The Elms
(end 2022)

The first time I came across the Elms, these marvelous, magical and mysterious creatures, it was in a small mountain in northern Germany called Elm. Not being able to name them scientifically, I decided to call them Elms (but more correctly we should use the German term “Elmen”). Once they were discovered and classified it was easy for me to find them in the whole continent. Actually, Elmen do not like staying close to humans. They prefer areas far from the big cities where you and me and all the other photographers can search for them.

If you have any questions or comments related to my photos, travel projects or to this website, do not hesitate to contact me.

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